Always wanted to have an alpaca as pets but you don't have the space yourself?

At Alpacafarm Riethoven it is possible to adopt an alpaca.

What does adoption entail?

The adoptive parents contribute to the welfare of the alpaca. This means that costs are spent on feed costs, housing, shaving and veterinarian.

What do the adoptive parents get in return?

  • An adoption certificate with a nice picture of the adopted alpaca

  • Every 3 weeks / 1 time a month we schedule an evening with the adoptive parents to visit their alpacas. The adoptive parents then have their adopted alpaca available for walking, for example.

  • After the alpacas are shaved, the adoptive parents are given a bag of wool.

  • And a nice personal little something

Alpacas are animals like humans, so it is possible that an alpaca will die unexpectedly. The payment is then stopped. Unless you want to adopt another alpaca.

Adopt Alpaca


€ 12.50 per month

€ 150 per year

For privacy reasons, we do not disclose the names of the adoptive parents.

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After completing the adoption form you will receive an email from us with more information about payment etc ..