Alpaca Meeting

Enter the alpaca pasture or stable with us and learn more about these special animals. During the meeting you will have the opportunity to feed and pet the alpacas, but beware not every alpaca likes to pet. Despite their cuddly appearance, alpacas are not cuddly toys!

But don't be afraid they will definitely come by to have a look, they will also come and eat the chunks.

Like the alpaca walk, the alpaca meeting is also private. The group size depends on the corona measures.

The current group size is a maximum of 4 persons or 1 household.


We ask you not to bring a dog for safety for our alpacas!

Alpaca private meeting

Duration + - 45 minutes

Opportunity to feed them and pet them if they allow

Incl. coffee, tea and lemonade

Participation remains at your own risk

Children under the age of 13 must be sealed from an adult


Children up to 5 years: Free

Children up to 13 years: € 4.50 pp

Adults: € 7.50 pp