Children's party

A unique children's party with alpacas can be experienced on our farm. By doing the different activities with the children and the alpacas, the children have the day of their lives.

The program follows below.

During the children's party, the children also get the opportunity to drink lemonade and decorate cake.

The children's party will last approximately 3 / 3.5 hours in total. (incl the food)

Alpaca meeting

During the encounter, the children can get used to feeding the alpacas. They also learn a lot of facts about alpacas.

Alpaca hike

After the meeting we will go up 4 alpacas with the hike.

We walk along as guidance.

During the walk we do an alpaca quiz!

We close the children's party with food. Such as: fries and snacks, pancakes or frankfurters sandwich.

Tip: Wear old shoes in bad weather

and a good warm jacket is not bad either.



• Participation in the activity is at your own risk.

• The children must be accompanied by an adult.

• We ask you not to bring a dog.


Children € 15 pp (including food)

From the 11th child the costs are € 12.50 pp

Guide: € 15 pp (including food)