Alpaca private hike

An alpaca private walk is a unique experience for young and old!

Alpacafarm Riethoven offers you the opportunity to independently go out with the alpacas.

If you like to walk with a guide, please report this when booking.

Alpacas are close-knit herd animals, so they are not allowed to go out alone. Furthermore, the alpacas will also determine the walking pace a bit.

The route of the alpaca walk runs through the forest and along the large open lawns. A nibble on the grass or a roll through the sand will certainly not be missing. During the walk, get to know the characters of the alpacas well. Who is your favorite?

Wear sturdy / good shoes when you go for a walk.

Alpaca private hike

Route 3 km takes 1.5 hours

Brief introduction and explanation of the route

Incl. coffee, tea and lemonade

Participation remains at your own risk

Children under the age of 13 must be sealed from an adult


Children under 5: Free

Children up to 12 years: € 10 pp

Adult: € 20 pp