Special shoot

Many people dream of a fun and special photo shoot.

The photo shoot that we offer is a unique experience. The photo shoot is being held in the forest. The photo shoot is therefore combined with a walk. During the walk we will come to special places where we will take pictures. Portrait and action photos are taken. Two alpacas will join the photo shoot.

The photo shoot includes 10 photos of your choice at high resolution without watermark.

The photo shoot is ideal for when you want to celebrate something special such as:

  • Best friends

  • Families

  • x number of years together

  • Just got engaged

  • mothers Day

  • Valentine

We will also use the photos that are taken for our website and social media. If you prefer not to let us know in the comments.

More information, feel free to contact us in cash without obligation.

The group size depends on the corona measures.

The current group size is a maximum of 4 people.

We ask you not to bring a dog for safety for our alpacas!

Special shoot

Duration 1.5 to 2 hours

Short introduction

Choose from 10 photos of your choice without watermark

Participation remains at your own risk

Children under the age of 13 must be sealed from an adult

After the walk we would like to offer you a cup of coffee and tea with a small pastry and for the children lemonade with a small pastry.


Children under 5: Free

Children up to 12 years: € 10 pp

Adult: € 20 pp

Private walk: € 30 pp

The walk is ideal to combine with: