A few weeks ago we had a special visit via

This is a travel company, which books surprise trips. Sometimes an activity is also arranged. had arranged 2 activities for the travelers who came to visit us.

An alpaca walk was one of these activities. After a short introduction and explanation, Roëll and Jeroen went out with Guusje and Benjamin.

During the walk Benjamin did some tricks, but yes a Benjamin is not a Benjamin for nothing. Afterwards, Roëll and Jeroen turned out to be well-known travel bloggers.

Roëll is the founder of We are travelers! We are happy that we were able to receive Roëll and Jeroen and to offer them a nice walk.

On their blog they have written a little bit about their experience with the alpacas. (link at the bottom of the page) Thank you for a great cooperation

Roëll and Jeroen thanks and nice that you were there.

Friendly legs from Guusje & Benjamin